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With the trend of reshoring and moving to South-East Asia, China's manufacture industrial is faced by serious challenges. In the past years, Accuplas has been self improving at below areas in order to set us apart from competitors.

Accuplas cuts down total project cost

Accuplas cuts down total project cost

We work aggressively to reduce cycle-times, as we believe efficiency is life. Our molds are designed to consistently produce parts within specification with minimum maintenance. When maintenance is needed, our customers find that it is quick and easy. The reason we can achieve all these goals is because we keep total project cost in mind from the moment we receive each RFQ. We care about every penny of our customer's cost. Our mold is not just a piece of steel that spits out parts, but a valued product created by a team of tooling and molding experts.

Accuplas strives to shorten total lead-time

Fast Delivery Plastic Injection Mould

When talking about lead time, we do not just consider the T1 lead time, but total lead-time from RFQ to delivering acceptable parts from the mold. We carefully manage every element of the project to save time whenever possible, as we believe time is money.

At quotation, we define the mold specification and provide quotes efficiently.

At design, we analyze the potential risk of each project and leave the option in the tool design for backup solutions wherever possible.

At construction, we organically manage each machine and work piece, by scientific Enterprise Resource Planning.

At mold trial, we test the mold with systematic methods to fully evaluate the performance.

At mold correction, we start to figure out solutions even before the customer receives samples.

Accuplas keeps improving customer serves

We concentrate to meet the needs of each of our customers, and consider it a great honor to become a trustworthy partner for our customers. Accuplas is not only a strong doer, but also a patient listener. We not only listen carefully in daily communication, but also study our customer's specifications, requests and feedback in detail. Based on full understanding of customer's needs, our customers are often surprised and highly satisfied by the effective solutions provided by Accuplas. Our staff training programs ensure each employee's ability to provide excellent products and service; Our Integrated Quality Management system ensures the customer's satisfaction with each and every aspect of quality; Our strong project management ensures the accurate implementation of our customer's requirements.

Accuplas considers each purchase order as a significant trust from customer. In regard to this trust, we can do no less.

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