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Accuplas team is committed to provide quality molds and services to customers and considers the completion of each successful mold as fulfillment of our personal value. Every Acccuplas employee is a trained quality enthusiast.

China Plastic Injection Mold Maker/Factory/Manufacture

Acccuplas adopts Integrated Quality Management. Quality is not only implemented by a quality department, but by each department of our company. Our quality management system guides every individual within Acccuplas to help create high quality products and services.

Making occasional mistakes is part of human nature and all kinds of challenges can come our way unexpectedly. With strict quality policies supported by scientific methods, serious attitude and continuous improvement we believe we can meet these challenges.

If you have a precise gear, you do not want to lose any tooth on the gear, do you?

Quality Management for Plastic Injection Mold Manufacture
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