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China Mould Standardization Technical Committee Took Part in the 30th Annual Conference of ISO/TC29/SC8

The Apprenticeship Program in Mold Assembling Department of Accuplas

The Common Tool Steels and Heat Treatment on European Injection Moulds

How to Avoid Deformation and Crack in EDM Wire Cutting

The development of automotive industry is creating a good environment for automotive stamping mould industry

Mold makers of Accuplas attended a training of how to optimize the utilization of surface grinding

High Speed Machining Technology Will be Widely Applied on the Machining of Tool Molding Surface

The Development of High Speed Railway Pulls Huge Market Demand to Mould Industry

Standardized Mold Trial Procedures Help Accuplas Deliver Quality Mould on Time

European Machinery Order of 3rd Quarter 2014 increased 12%

The Advancing of Machining Technology on Tiny Holes

Accuplas Will Take Part in Euromold 2015 as Exhibitor

Silicone Rubber is Used as Flame Retardant in Plastic

Brazil Mould Industry Encounters Cold Waves Hoping to Overcome Difficulties by Cooperating with Chinese Mould Companies

Accuplas QC Staff Attended Internal Training of Using Digital Profile Projector

Mould Heat Treatment Industry of Guangdong Province has a Broad Prospect for Development

The India’s Demand for Mould will Reach 2,362 Billion Rupees at the End of 2015

A Well-Functioning Plastic Injection Mold with Live Hinge

Polishing Technology in Mould Manufacture

The Retirement of American Baby Boomers may Cause Gap in Technical Human Resource of Mould Manufacture

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