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China Plastic Injection Mold Manufacture and Designing


Accuplas employees are joyful and zealous people, we are proud of manufacturing quality molds that meet customers production requirements. We clearly understand that our mold quality determines the quality of molded product. With a strong sense of responsibility, as well as a strong love on mold industrial, we dedicate ourselves to manufacturing quality mold for our customers.

Most members in the management team of Accuplas have strong engineering and hands-on technical back ground. We think more like engineers and technicians rather than businessmen. Our first priority is not pursuing bigger sales, but focusing on making every mold a robust tool that produces parts in spec repeatedly. We do not strive to be the biggest mold maker, but work hard to make our customer happiest customer.

In the culture of Accuplas, making mold is not just a method of making a living, but a way of fulfilling personal value and providing contribution to the society.


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