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Asia Plastic Injection Mold Maker

With full range of machining and measuring equipment under one roof, about 90% mold manufacture work is done in house. Our equipments are considered as hard strength that ensures the manufacture quality and lead-time.

While tirelessly purchase state of the art equipments, Accuplas emphasizes a lot on the skills of the workers, and we believe in maintenance. All the machine operators are recruited from technical schools, and every new comer needs to take a series of training classes before starting work. We treat our equipments like friends. We clean them daily, change oil on time, and calibrate them according to schedule. Accuplas equipments are always maintained at optimum status, and ready to produce high quality work-piece. Our rich experienced foremen lead the machining teams and assembling teams to make complicated components and molds, and they also guide the skill growth of the team members. Qualified staff and management system are considered as soft strength that ensures the manufacture quality and lead-time.

The mold structure and actions that Accuplas is capable to manufacture includes,

Big Plastic Injection Mold Manufacture

Mold Structures

- High Cavitation
- Hot Runner Valve Gate
- Sequential Hot Runner
- Hot-to-Cold Runner
- 3-Plate
- Stripper Plate
- 2-Step Ejection
- Two Color
- Two Material
- Cold Runner: Subgate;
- Banana Gate; Cashew Gate
- Fully Automated Demolding
- Gas Assistance
- In Mold Decoration (IMD)
- In Mold Labeling
- Insert Overmold

Asia Plastic Injection Mold Manufacture

Mold Actions:

- Product Moldability Study
- Mold Flow Analysis
- 3D Mold Drawing
- Motion Analysis
- Mold Manufacturability Analysis
- 2D Drawing
- Production Automation Development
- Reverse Engineering
- Data Transference

Hydraulic Pull Plastic Injection

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