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Mold Flow Analysis for Plastic Injection Mold
3D Mold Design for Plastic Injection Mold
Isaac Newton said that, If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Accuplas considers these giants as knowledge and technology accumulated by predecessors.

Accuplas designers always have two tasks: One is to study existing knowledge and technology; Another is to smartly apply knowledge and technology on new projects, and some times create new things in this process.

At Accuplas, even the chief designers with engineering bachelor degree and more than 8 years working experience, will still attend technical training regularly, which is about 2 hours per week.

Each month, a prize winner of Month Smartest Design is elected inside the company, and each year a prize winner of Yearly Smartest Design. Every designer is motivated to distribute talent and inspiration into work. At Accuplas, tool designing is not just a job, but an honor.

Accuplas employ state of the art CAE software to perform mold flow analysis (mold filling stimulation), which significantly improve the quality and efficiency of mold design. The benefit that we obtain from mold flow analysis includes,

- Locate the optimum gating positions
- Understand filling pressure and speed
- Detect of possible warpage and reduce it
- Develop balanced cooling layout for reducing cycle time
- Analyze Clamping force
- Optimize venting
- Eliminate or reduce knit lines

The mold design capability of Accuplas include,

- Product Moldability Study
- Mold Flow Analysis
- 3D Mold Drawing
- Motion Analysis
- Mold Manufacturability Analysis
- 2D Drawing
- Production Automation Development
- Reverse Engineering
- Data Transference

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