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Accuplas is a dedicated mold maker located in south China.

With more than 15 years of faithful service in mold industrial, Accuplas has accumulated rich experience in mold design, manufacture, and validation. We carefully compile our experience, and introduce it into our training system, so that it is ascended from knowledge in one person's brain to knowledge that directs a team. Our state of the art machining equipments and software is another firm foundation that ensures us to provide quality mold. Accuplas believes that management is an important method of improving quality and efficiency, and Accuplas is certified by both ISO9001 and ISO14001.

In the past years, Accuplas has served a large variety of market includes automobile, medical device, deposible medical plastics, house hold electrical appliance, computer components, consumer products, pipe fitting parts, telecommunication, industrial equipment, plastic package, etc...

The mold types that Accuplas is capable to make includes

- Large Injection Mold;

- Two shot Mold;

- High Precision Mold;

- High Cavitation Mold;

- Unscrewing Mold;

- Insert Overmolding Tool;

- High polish Mold;

- Gas Assist Mold;

- Gear Plastic Mold;

- Die Casting Tool;

- Liquid Silicone Mold;

- Molded Plastic Optics;
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